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Grain-Free Simple Sweets – Made with 5 ingredients or less!


I’ve been secretly busy behind the scenes, and I’m quite happy that I can finally say what it is that I’ve been up to! Yep! It’s another eBook, and this one is called Grain-Free Simple Sweets!

I’ve partnered with recipe master (mistress? whatever…), Ashley Thomas of My Heart Beets. And if you don’t already know, this girl knows her way around the kitchen! Ashley is awesome at whipping together ‘fancy’ dishes (you MUST check out Ashley’s butter chicken, or heck, any of her Indian food dishes), but she can also do simple, yet very delicious. Together, Ashley and I have put together over 30 recipes for simple sweet treats that you can make at home – all made with five ingredients or less!

If you’re new to the Paleo grain-free lifestyle, you’ll know how hard it can be to make the adjustment and leave behind the processed food and sweets. When the craving hits, sometimes you kind of wish you had a little something… but what? Thankfully, this ebook is just the answer, as you can enjoy refined-sugar-free sweets that are really easy to make and help indulge that craving, but in a much healthier, guilt-free way.


For a LIMITED TIME, you can get this eBook for over 60% off!!! BUT, you’ve got to order soon.

Take a peek at what’s inside…

November 6 |

Deal Alert: 5-piece Lodge Cast-Iron Cookware Set


Deal Alert: 5-piece Lodge Cookware SetHeads-up! There’s a really great price (it’s more than 50% off!) on a 5-piece Lodge cast-iron cookware set, but I’m not sure how long this’ll last. Lodge is a great (American-made) cast-iron cookware company. I LOVE my 8″ skillet (it’s great for making homemade pizza. This set includes a 10-1/2″ round griddle, 8″ skillet, 10-1/4″ skillet, 5-quart Dutch oven and a 10-1/4″ cover. It’s pre-seasoned, so it’s non-stick and ready to use. The added benefit to using cast-iron cookware is that it actually helps to add some iron to your diet!

PS: Lodge recommends using vegetable oil for seasoning the iron — Please use coconut oil instead. It’s a healthy oil and has a higher smoking point.

June 3 |
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