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How to Sleep Better: 6 Natural Sleep Remedies to Get a Better Night’s Sleep


How to Sleep Better: 6 Natural Sleep Remedies to Get a Better Night's Sleep

People underestimate the importance of a lot of things, but sleep isn’t one of them. Still, most of these poor wretches would rather rub the dark circles under their eyes and lament the lack of rest they got last night than take action. If only they knew solving the problem of how to sleep better isn’t always a daunting self-improvement project. While serious dedication yields the best results, here are a few natural sleep remedies to make it easy to call on Mr. Sandman tonight.

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June 3 |

Why Choose Grass-Fed Beef Over Grain-Fed Beef?


Why Choose Grass-Fed Beef?Remember the good old days in the healthy eating game? That halcyon era when all you had to do was look for suffixes like “-free” and “-fed?” It helped if what the food was free of was something vilified like fat, salt, or sugar. Even worse were cages. The opposite of freedom. Even the most proudly unhealthy person could understand what was bad about cages! We wanted our animals to be fed grass, too. We weren’t always sure why, but we were assured it was important.

In addition to grass-fed beef, there was also grain-fed beef. What was the big difference? If it was touted on the packaging or even better, the hand-written card in the butcher’s organic section that let you know this was a family operation that probably couldn’t even afford printed plastic placards, it must be good, right? Well, maybe not. To add to the confusion, many cows end up being both grass and grain-fed. It’s enough to make your head spin at the market. But fear not, dear reader. Today we cast aside old superstitions in favor of hard science. With regards to beef, your Age of Enlightenment begins now!

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May 24 |

The SexyBack Summit starts May 19th, and it’s FREE


SexyBack Summit

I’ve got Justin Timberlake in my head, but aside from that, I’m looking forward to the SexyBack Summit that kicks off tomorrow.

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about optimizing your hormone levels, improving your sex life, and getting access to Q & A sessions with the different experts, you’ll want to check it out because it’s FREE. (If you register for the summit, they’ll send you the video series for free even!)

The talk I’m most looking forward to is with Dr. Sara Gottfried, the author of The Hormone Cure, with her talk called “50 Shades of Better Sex: Secrets of a Harvard Gynecologist (Not for Women Only)”.

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May 18 |
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