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Dehydrated watermelon – make your own natural watermelon candy


dehydrated watermelon - make your own watermelon candyI recently bought a used dehydrator (similar to this one)  for a steal of a price – $25! It works perfectly and does exactly what it’s supposed to do: dry stuff. Check out the table at the end of this post for a comparison of six popular dehydrator models. So far, I’ve made banana chips and apple chips, and with local watermelon available, it seemed natural to try making dehydrated watermelon! The end result is a super-sweet treat (I daresay almost too sweet), that is crispy to bite into, and a bit sticky on the teeth. The pink wedges are quite pretty and we’ve already gifted a mason jarful as a little thank-you gift to friends.

If you have a dehydrator it’s certainly worth a try!

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Dehydrated watermelon – make your own natural watermelon candy

Dehydrated watermelon – make your own natural watermelon candy


  • 1 medium-sized watermelon
  • sea salt


  1. Cut your watermelon into wedges and then into 1/4" thick slices, and sprinkle lightly with sea salt.
  2. Place the slices on your dehydrator. (The whole watermelon filled our small, round dehydrator).
  3. Set your dehydrator to 140°F (60°C) and dry overnight (about 11 hours).
  4. Remove dried watermelon from racks and store in air-tight container.

Food Dehydrator Comparison Table

 NamePriceDescriptionWeight (pounds)Limited Warranty (yr)Watts
Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator$Top-mounted fan, adjustable thermostat from 95-to-160°F; Flavors don't mix, no need to rotate trays, opaque exterior blocks harmful lights; Includes recipe book, 2 solid sheets, 2 mesh sheets, and 3 jerky spice packets91600
Excalibur Food Dehydrator$$$9-Tray dehydrator, 15 square feet of drying space; Built in on/off switch and adjustable thermostat with 26 hour timer; Includes and flexible polyscreen tray inserts to prevent foods from sticking; Great for large familes and gardens2210440
Nesco American Harvest 1000-watt Food Dehydrator Kit$$Expandable to 30 trays; Adjustable Thermostat; Includes 8 each Trays, Fruit Roll Sheets, Clean a Screens; Includes How to Dry Foods Book2011000
L'Equip Dehydrator$$Adjustable thermostat with computer-controlled sensor; 6 stacking trays for a total of 12 square feet of drying space; Instructional booklet with recipes and drying times included1110500
Nesco American Harvest 400-watt Food Dehydrator$Expandable to 7 trays; Clear top to monitor the drying process; Fan forced radial air flow means no tray rotation needed; All components dishwasher safe except the power head51400
Sedona Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator$$$$Easy on/off switch, electronic digital display with digital temperature control and timer; Quiet, energy efficient operation; See-through glass door; BPA free plastic trays and tray mesh screens; Dual fan technology235550

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