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A Commentary about Sugar by John Oliver


John Oliver's Commentary about SugarI’m a big fan of John Oliver’s commentaries, as evidenced by this previous post about John Oliver vs. the food industry.  And while it may have been more appropriate to show a picture of John Oliver, it was more amusing to me to use the photo I used, and you’ll understand when you watch this video about John Oliver & his thoughts about sugar.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly the image is, it is in fact, a ‘Circus Peanut’ – a horribly sweet confection that is marshmallow-y in texture, and each one contains 22g of sugar. Watch and see how John Oliver uses it as a unit of measure.

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Image source:
Behold the mighty circus peanut by Kate Bolin

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2 thoughts on “A Commentary about Sugar by John Oliver

  1. Raina says:

    Brilliance. Utter brilliance. :D

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