8 creepy things about food – and what to do to avoid them

I fell down the internet hole known as Buzzfeed and found this video that will creep you out about 8 “food” products. I purposely put “food” in quotation marks because these products are certainly edible, but it doesn’t mean you should be eating them.

Watch the video and see what I mean!

How do you avoid these creepy foods?
The first three facts are about meat products, and it’s why you should source your meat from quality sources. Grass-fed beef is not only better for you, but better for the environment as well. Buy your meat products from farmers who can tell you about how their chickens, pigs and cattle were raised.
Your are what what you eat eats
It comes down to this: Know where your food comes from. Know your farmers. Know your food suppliers. Know your food producers. (And go read In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan). It might mean that you might have to pay more for your food to buy quality ingredients to cook with, but if you think about it, every single cell of your body is built by what you fuel it with: your food. Why aren’t we, as a society putting more importance on the quality of our food sources? All of the creepy facts shown in the video can be avoided if you know where your food comes from.

Read more: http://www.healthyitips.info/8-creepy-things-food/#ixzz6GyQ3nHeT

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