Relaxation breathing for kids

What does this drawing have to do with relaxation? Well, It’s one thing to use deep breathing techniques or visualization to calm down when you’re an adult. It’s quite another story to try and get children to calm themselves or decrease their own anxiety, but they can, using relaxation breathing for kids. One technique that … Read more

6 tips to be your own health advocate

The Latin root for the word “doctor”, docere, means “to show, to teach, or to cause to know“. Notably, the word doctor does not have any root-meanings of “dictate, command, or control”. Your doctor is not ‘the boss of you’, and there are many reasons why you should be your own health advocate. While medical … Read more

What is margarine and why is it bad for you?

What is Margarine? Margarine was created in the early 1800s as an inexpensive substitute for butter. Early margarines were made from animal fat. In the 1900s, chemists discovered how to harden liquid oils and vegetable oil replacing animal fat. What is margarine? It is a manufactured, vegetable-oil-based substitute for butter. How is Margarine Made? Margarine is … Read more

Genetically Modified Food: 4 Reasons to Avoid GMOs

What is genetically modified food? GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms. Farmers and ranchers have been practicing genetic engineering for thousands of years. Selective breeding of animals to encourage desirable characteristics and cross-pollination of plants are pretty basic. So how can genetically modified foods be bad? There are fundamental differences between traditional animal husbandry and farming … Read more

5 Ways to Avoid GMO Foods

We’ve already discussed 4 reasons to avoid genetically-modified organisms (GMO) or GMO foods. Today we cover how to avoid GMO foods, since there’s no way to know if you’re eating genetically-modified food in North America. So here’s what you can do to make sure genetically modified food isn’t part of your regular diet: 1. Avoid foods that … Read more