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Easy dinner recipe: Bacon coleslaw stir-fry


Bacon coleslaw stir-fry

IceCream_iPad2-Mockup-black_rightIf you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen some teasers showing that I’ve been busy working on an eBook called “We Can ALL Scream for Ice Cream” with my co-author (and past guest blogger) Jennifer Robins of Predominantly Paleo. Let me just say that I never knew how much work went into putting together a “small” book. Small is in quotation marks because this book was meant to be a quick project, but the book itself is 57 pages, contains 24 recipes and even includes an introduction that outlines a basic ‘why’ of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). Why does it have an AIP introduction? Because, if you’re like me and you follow an AIP diet that is devoid of all grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds and nightshades, you may have thought you’d never eat ice cream again. After all, the best ice creams are made of, well, cream. And they usually involve eggs, and sweetener. Well, I’m happy to say that the recipes that Jennifer and I have in this book are completely AIP-compliant. And while, some might argue that the autoimmune diet shouldn’t include treats because it’s recommended that you keep your daily fructose intake to less than 20g, our eBook allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not you can indulge in one of these recipes. How? We’ve included the amount of fructose per serving for each treat :) So yes, you can have your cake ice cream and eat it too!

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June 30 |

Dumpling stuffing ground pork stir-fry


Dumpling stuffing ground pork stir-fryI have been craving comfort food, and because of my Chinese background, my kind of comfort food isn’t mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese, it’s stuff like congee, noodles and dumplings. Alas, I’m in the long-term process of trying to heal my gut, and address food intolerance symptoms like my severe eczema – and as such, I can’t eat rice (which makes congee – a rice porridge, impossible for me), or wheat and most other flours that are usually used to make noodles and dumplings. So what’s a food-restricted girl to do, but to come up with a grain-free, egg-free, dumpling, right? Well, the universe has decided that the world just ain’t ready for my dumplings quite yet.

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June 14 |

Can’t do pasta? Think again! Easy homemade zucchini noodles


Easy homemade zucchini noodles
Editor’s note: Jennifer of Predominantly Paleo is back again, this time with a basic recipe to get your kids (and you!) to eat more vegetables! Who doesn’t need more veggies right? If you’ve been following along on Facebook, or through my email newsletter, you’ll know that I recently purchased a spiralizer after seeing all the cool food blogger kids making delicious creations with theirs. Now if you don’t have a spiralizer, you can still make zucchini noodles with a julienne peeler (for skinny strips), a regular vegetable peeler (for wider fettuccine-like strips), or a box grater with shredded zucchini.

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June 7 |

Autoimmune Paleo Cilantro Meatballs


AIP, egg free, nightshade free cilantro meatballs

Editor’s note: Please welcome Sam from Canada Girl Eats Paleo. Sam and I met through CSNN, the natural nutrition school that I recently graduated from, and that Sam is currently attending. Sam is super-sweet and knows that I follow a mostly Autoimmune Paleo diet (no grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds or nightshades) and that many of my readers do too,  so she came up with this awesome meatball recipe that everyone can enjoy! Thanks Sam, for being so considerate! :)


I brainstormed and in the end came up with a meatball recipe I’m sure you’ll love, as long as you like cilantro! They’re chock full of cilantro, green onions, turmeric, and leafy greens so there is a ton of flavor, no spices required! Plenty of nutrients too, I might add. These are baked meatballs so they are very easy as well. Perfect if you need to prep some quick meals/snacks for the week!

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May 31 |

Ginger cookies with coconut cream icing


Ginger Cookies with Coconut Cream Icing - Paleo, SCD, GAPS-friendlyEditor’s note: Please welcome Erin Carter, an internal medical resident and the writer behind Pure and Simple Nourishment. Erin is sharing an awesome Paleo treat that is sure to win over anyone who’s hemming and hawing about giving up grains. If you’re looking for more Paleo recipes, be sure to check out Erin’s blog. If you want a LOT of recipes, check out The Paleo Recipe book; it’s over 350 Paleo recipes and also includes an 8-week meal plan and a bonus recipe book of just Paleo desserts.

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May 24 |
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