Tasty Chicken and Chorizo Pasta

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Chorizo Pasta with Chicken

For best results you’ll want to get 2 breasts and pan fry them. We’re also going to season them with Italian herbs, garlic powder, salt and black pepper. Fry the breasts both sides until beautifully golden, then lay to rest. Laying to rest is important as it helps retain some of the juices after frying. Because who the heck enjoys dry chicken!?
After, it’s time to slice up the chicken. I like to lay it on top of the pasta (like the photo above) just because it’s pretty 🥰 Then I mix it in and eat it like an absolute maniac. The contrast is beautiful.

Top Tip #1 – When you slice the chicken, ensure you slice it at a slight angle, and make sure you slice against the natural grain of the chicken. This will give you best chance of having nice soft chicken.

How to Pan Fry Chicken for Pasta (quick summary)

  1. Bring two chicken breasts to room temp.
  2. Coat in olive oil, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt and black pepper.
  3. Fry over medium heat until golden.
  4. Flip and cook until white through the centre.
Bringing the chicken to room temp (or close to) is an important step, as it ensures the meat doesn’t dry up. Searing cold meat usually causes it to seize up and squeezes out the moisture.

how to make italian pan fried chicken - 4 step by step photos

Creamy Tomato Chorizo Pasta

How to make Chorizo Pasta (quick summary)

  1. Fry onionsun dried tomatoes and garlic.
  2. Add chorizo slices.
  3. Pour in tomato passata. Add fresh parsley and basil.
  4. Pour in cream. Add smoked paprikasalt and pepper.
  5. Add linguine.
  6. Toss to combine.
Can you sub dried herbs 🤔 – For this recipe I don’t recommend doing so. You don’t simmer the sauce long enough for dried herbs to offer their maximum flavour, so fresh basil and parsley is definitely preferential in the sauce.

How to make chicken and chorizo pasta - 6 step by step photos

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