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Don’t Waste Food: Give Ugly A Chance


Don't waste food: Give ugly a chanceI’ve posted in the past about how food waste is a huge problem around the world. The crazy thing is much of this food is thrown away before it even reaches consumers!

The French supermarket chain, Intermaché has turned this around with an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign that celebrates “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”.

I love the name! I wish more stores would do this, as I’d certainly eat more ‘rejected’ produce, especially if it’s sold at a discount. (If you can’t bring yourself to eat it as is, you can always throw vegetable scraps etc. in your broth). Watch this – and the next time you see a less-than-perfect-looking fruit or vegetable at the market – give it a chance!

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July 25 |

eBook review: Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol & a Homemade Chocolate Recipe


Reintroducing Foods on AIP

I’ve followed the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for a little over a year now. This particular way of eating, essentially takes the grain-free, legume-free, Paleo way of eating, and takes it up a notch by further eliminating foods that can cause inflammation. Gone are the Paleo staples of eggs and nuts, and say goodbye to the ‘Primal’ dairy foods, along with seeds (including chocolate), and nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and peppers of all kinds.

While doing AIP is initially very restrictive (the most common question being: “What the heck am I going to eat for breakfast?”), there is the life-changing benefit of keeping autoimmune disease under control, and reducing inflammation conditions. For me, it’s been the difference between living with chronically itchy, and inflamed, sensitive skin, and only experiencing minor flare-ups during allergy season, with stress, or when inadvertently eating something that I probably shouldn’t.

Now the great thing about the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol is that in theory, if your gut has healed sufficiently by staying away from foods that irritate and inflame it, you should eventually be able to re-introduce some of these former food intolerances again without experiencing symptoms. Because I had food intolerance testing done, I used my test results as a guide to re-introducing foods for myself. But what do you do, if you’ve decided to try AIP and you’d like to bring back some foods? What do you re-introduce first? How do you know if a food is okay for you? What do you do if a food you re-introduce causes an autoimmune flare?

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July 23 |

5 Brain Nutrients Found Only in Meat, Fish and Eggs (NOT Plants)


5 Brain nutrients found only in meat, fish and eggs (not plants)

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Kris Gunnars’ site, Authority Nutrition. I agree with what Kris has written, and while I think some people can thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet, careful supplementation should be included to avoid deficiencies of the nutrients mentioned below.


The human brain is the most complex object in the universe. It is also the organ that consumes by far the most energy, compared to its weight. The brain is only about 2% of our body weight, but uses 20% of the energy. This remarkable organ has evolved over millions of years. During this time, humans were omnivores. We ate both meat and plants.

There are many nutrients in these foods that are absolutely critical for the proper function of this very delicate system. Unless proper care is taken to supplement, going vegan and eschewing animal foods may lead to a deficiency in some of these important substances.

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July 16 |

Lemon Ginger Chicken Thighs (Paleo, Primal, 21DSD & AIP)


Lemon Ginger Chicken ThighsLemonGingerChicken_AlexBoakeThis recipe comes from the very talented Alex Boake of Alex Boake Illustration. If you frequent other paleo blogs, you might recognize Alex’s work – one of her most “famous” illustrations is the Poop Parade in Practical Paleo. She’s just plain awesome :) In any case, when Alex offered to draw a recipe of mine in exchange for photographing one of her recipes, I had to say yes! Her stuff is just too much fun, not to want to have something drawn.

I made Alex’s Lemon Ginger Chicken Thighs because I had everything I needed on-hand, and I know that many of you are appreciative of an easy dinner recipe. And besides, her illustration really shows off her mad chicken illustration skillz!

This recipe is easy AND tasty. I love that the chicken is baked on top of parsnips or  carrots (which are really delicious with the lemon ginger sauce), and I ate my thighs with a quick bacon coleslaw stir-fry. YUM.

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July 12 |

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