Take 6 minutes to change how you think about PMS & learn how to fix it

Do your family members know to stay away from you at a certain time of month? About a week before your period do you feel moody, depressed or irritable? Or have tender breasts, fatigue and rampant cravings for sugar or chocolate? If that’s you, then you’re one of the 85% of all women who have experienced PMS (premenstrual syndrome) at some point in your reproductive life. However, just because something is common, doesn’t mean that it’s normal. If you’re in optimal health, than you shouldn’t really experience anything out of the norm before you have your period. Does that sound too good to be true for you?
Dr. Justin Marchegiani explains PMS and its connection with blood sugar.
Diet and lifestyle is key to managing premenstrual syndrome – specifically, diet and lifestyle modifications that help to regulate blood sugar. Progesterone is the key hormone in the second half of the menstrual cycle, and part of its function is to help regulate blood sugar. Blood sugar management is more important to your body’s overall function than whether or not you’re feeling bloated, moody and irritable, so if you do what you can to even out your blood sugar, than you should see an improvement in PMS. Watch the video and learn: