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eBook review: 3 Phase PaleoThis post contains affiliate links, which means I will get paid a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. It doesn’t affect the price you pay, and I  wholeheartedly believe that this eBook would be of value to those looking into trying to improve their health through diet changes.

I’ve had the good fortune of receiving a review copy of the new eBook 3 Phase Paleo by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry, aka the Paleo Parents – who also happen to be the bestselling authors of two very excellent books: Eat Like a Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon. (Seriously, if you’ve got a child who has food allergies and/or must eat a restricted, processed-food-free diet, I highly recommend Eat Like a Dinosaur. The illustrations, back-story and explanations were perfect for explaining to my son why he can’t eat certain foods).

So, on to the book at hand – here’s my 3 Phase Paleo review:

3 Phase Paleo - What you'll findWho is 3 Phase Paleo for?

  • This ebook is perfect if you or someone you know is looking to improve their diet and overall health. Matt and Stacy ease you into better eating so you can take baby steps into slowly incorporating changes by phases: 1) Swap, 2) Remove and 3) Heal. This way, small changes can gradually become lifetime habits.
  • While the phases of the book may be old hat if you’re already following a Paleo lifestyle, there is still plenty of value to be had in the 78 recipes included in this book.

Because this is my honest review, here’s what I didn’t like about 3 Phase Paleo:

  • Honestly, I’ll never be able to love an eBook as much as I love a tangible, bound book that I can flip through, add sticky tabs, prop open and subsequently stain the pages of my favorite recipe. (On the up side though, the 3 Phase Paleo ebook is formatted as a letter-sized PDF so that you can easily print out the pages you do love and add it to your own recipe binder).
  • I can’t say I love the design – compared to their printed books, Eat Like a Dinosaur and especially Beyond Bacon, this book is nowhere near as visually appealing as the printed books, but to be fair, I’m a bit picky when it comes to graphic design (coming from a design background myself), so I found some of the text to be a bit difficult to read, and I’m anal enough to notice inconsistencies in formatting. However, none of these little nitpicky things take away from the quality of the content of 3 Phase Paleo.

 To be balanced, here are some things I did like about 3 Phase Paleo:

  • My favorite thing about the book is the breakdown of the different phases, and how to go about actually applying them to your everyday life. The food swap list is a great first step. This is something I can see people printing out and putting on their fridge and referring to it before their weekly grocery shop.
  • The explanations for each of the three phases are solid and Stacy and Matt included links to additional information as necessary, here is where the format of an eBook is advantageous.
  • There’s a recipe index that lists the recipes by phase, with page numbers. (It would have been nice if the index also linked back to the specific page). I also appreciate that are indexes listing the egg-free and nut-free recipes for those of us with allergies and sensitivities. (Unfortunately though, these are only lists without page numbers and again, there are no links directly back to specific recipes).

Recipe Index from 3 Phase PaleoRecipe Index from 3 Phase PaleoRecipe Index from 3 Phase Paleo

And these are things that I loved about 3 Phase Paleo:

  • It’s a great resource to have all these recipes together in one location.
  • If you don’t own Matt and Stacy’s printed books, it’s a nice bonus that some of these recipes have actually come from Eat Like a Dinosaur or Beyond Bacon

So, if you’re looking for some awesome recipes to help you and your family transition to a healthier diet, you’ll want to get the 3 Phase Paleo e-Book. The recipes alone are worth it, and then there’s the bonus of all the additional information that support the reasoning behind why you’ll want to do it; it’s good value at $22.95, and a great way to get started into healthier eating.


Photo credits: Courtesy of Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry, aka the Paleo Parents

Vivian is the founder of the Real Food Guide and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who believes that each individual needs to go on their own Real Food Journey to find what works. While she herself eats a diet of real food (aka a paleo diet), some people may find that they can flourish on a vegetarian diet instead. However, universal to optimal health and well-being is good quality, nutrient-dense, Real Food.

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