5 Reasons to Shop Your Farmers’ Market

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Your local outdoor farmers’ markets are starting up soon with fresh, seasonal and delicious REAL FOOD! Need a reason to go out and see what your local farmers’ market offers? Here are five:

1. The Food is Fresher

Real Food sourced from your local farmer and farmers’ markets are harvested, picked or grown more recently than the food that’s shipped and stored at your supermarket. Farmers’ market produce is picked when ready, as opposed to being picked when they are under-ripe, but able to travel well.
In terms of nutrients, locally grown food is more nutrient-dense, because time and travel can cause nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid to oxidize in the air, as they are more sensitive to light and heat.
Then, there’s also the texture: the snap of carrots that are newly plucked from the earth instead of carrots that have been bagged, trucked and shelved is quite different! Getting to know a farmer means you can be fortunate enough to sometimes get eggs collected that very morning, and definitely only days old, instead of weeks-old eggs that were transported and stored before making it to your table.

2. The Food is More Flavorful

Speaking of same-day eggs – the taste between a fresh, pastured egg and a store-bought egg is incomparable. A pastured egg is “rich and egg-y”, while in contrast, a store-bought egg simply tastes like egg light; like it’s missing depth and flavor. For produce, it’s the difference between a watery, pink tomato and a field fresh, juicy red tomato that bursts in your mouth when you bite into it.

3. It’s More Eco-Friendly

It takes a lot less energy for your local farmer to deliver his wares to the farmers’ market than it does for produce, meat and other food to be flown in from around the globe.

4. It Helps Your Local Economy

Buying from a farmer in your area, not only supports local business, but also directly impacts a local farming family, and it ensures the livelihood and continuation of farms in your area. If you want the choice of having fresh, locally-sourced Real Food, the best way to show it is to put your money in the hands of those who are working your local lands.

5. It’s More Neighborly

Farmers’ Markets are great community events, especially here in Canada where we spend much of the year cooped indoors, so it’s natural that outdoor, open-air farmers’ markets become a place to meet your neighbors! And besides, what could be more neighborly than getting to know your local area farmers who help feed your family. These farmers know their stuff – they know the land and their wares, and there’s a good chance they have a favorite recipe which uses their favorite product.
Why do you go to a Farmers’ Market: one of the reasons above, or do you have another reason? Let us know in the comments!
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