3 reasons why you should stop eating sugar

Arguably, refined sugar is the single worst food on the planet. It offers zero nutritional value and contributes to a whole host of health hazards from diabetes to heart disease, obesity to depression. Unfortunately, sugar is also one of most addictive foods on the planet and, as a result, is intentionally used by almost every major food … Read more

A food that’s 80% protein, high in good fat, fiber, and micronutrients & no one’s eating it

Much of the standard American diet consists of varied forms of wheat, soy and corn. Same, low-nutrient, processed garbage that has lots of refined sugar, artificial flavoring and coloring added to it. So many people are willing to eat the same, repackaged “foods” and yet, there’s a food source alternative that used to be eaten … Read more

Natural remedies for ADHD: Vitamins for ADHD

n my last article, 6 Ways to Help Manage ADHD … in Your Kitchen, I grazed the topic of some subtle food changes that should be made to help relieve some ADHD symptoms. These, by no means, will “cure” ADHD but it will certainly help and is a great starting point. ADHD is diverse and by … Read more

Are you eating GMOs? How do you know?

In the US and Canada, there is no way of knowing if you’re eating GMOs (short for “genetically modified organisms”) in your food. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to avoid GMOs, and there are ways that you can avoid GMOs. But, without the labeling of food products as having GMOs, you … Read more